What user-created content for virtual reality will look like | Gigaom

Facebook is working on apps for virtual reality, chief product officer Chris Cox said at the Code/Media conference Tuesday.

And Facebook is confident users will eventually get busy creating their own content.

“You’ll do it, Beyoncé will do it,” Cox said during the event.

It’s likely Cox was referring mainly to video and photos. Virtual reality isn’t suddenly going to make everyone a game developer — that will remain a specialized skill. But we, as social human beings, will continue to produce that waterfall of over-saturated sunsets and babies’ first steps. How we produce and consume them is about to change big time.

Reimagining the web for VR

By 2015, we knew how to create a pretty sophisticated web browsing experience for phones and desktops. But it took decades to get us here. VR will certainly draw from the lessons learned, but it faces the same challenges as when we jumped from desktop to mobile. It’s a new medium with different scales and ways to comfortably interact.

It’s already possible to browse Facebook, and the greater web, in VR. Imagine an enormous virtual screen that you can scroll through with an Xbox controller, your hands, or whatever other input device you are using. It’s pretty much the same experience as staring at it on your desktop. Boring.

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